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"The system cannot find the file specified"

Anonymous created an issue

Hi Timo, am just looking for some help in getting Server2Go working on a clients PC.

They're trying to install the "ACS Consent Orders 1.2" from Resolution.

Installation goes fine, and no problems there, but when you try and run the program from it's icon, I get an error messages like so;

"Error; The system cannot find the file specified"

At first I thought this may have been the program itself, but when I go into the program files and try to open the Server2Go.exe, it gives the same error message, then shuts down. When I try and run the program again, it tells me it's still running and I have to kill the process with the task manager.

The original Server2Go.exe was the 1.7 version, but I went on the downloads site and found the v1.8 and replaced the .exe file in the Program_Files_(x86)/Resolution/ACS_Consent_Orders_1.2/Server2Go.exe, but this is still giving the same errors.

I've changed all permissions on every file to "full access" and have told it to run as Windows XP SP2 and SP3, but nothing seems to change it.

The PC I'm trying to run on is a Dell XPS 8300 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Also, in the process of installing and uninstalling the software I removed all program files and made sure all the Registry files had gone.

If you can help, please feel free to email me at either luc@colins-it.co.uk, luca@colins-it.co.uk or xobyle@me.com

Many thanks!

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