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Add PHP 5.2 Downgrade-Package

Timo Haberkern
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Add PHP 5.2 Downgrade-Package

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, hereinafter you have a temporarely download link for the server2go 1.7.3 version (pay a look here a server2go changelog: ) from my own Amazon S3 cloud server...

    This download link will work till October, 11, 2010 10h CET and dieif trying to download later: I am not sure if this initiative giving you this download link will be or not welcome for the The Server2Go owner (seems he is absent right now because no answers !? )

    Follow this link to download this Server2go V. 1.7.3 (21.06.2009) Mini-Package version:

    Hope this helps,



  2. Anonymous


    Thanks for your comment but I don't need version 1.7.3 because 1.8.1 has some improvements to win7 compatibility which I need.

    I would like to downgrade 1.8.1 package php to 5.2.


  3. Anonymous

    Hello -

    Thanks for creating this package; the fact PHP 5.2 isn't available in the newer editions is a real issue... certain CMS modules/addons only operate w/ 5.2.


    -- The Doctor

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