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Windows 8

Brian Dunkin
created an issue

Server2Go starts in Windows 8 then closed down immediately. What should I do? Changing from Windows 8 is not an option.

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  1. romapad

    Ok, I solved this problem by changing some settings in pms_config.ini file. Try, it may work for you too. This is my changes: KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose=1 ShowTrayIcon=1 BrowserType=DEFAULT

  2. Ian Robinson

    I'm having the same issue today. Changing the pms_config.ini file has stopped Server2Go from shutting down, but is still running in my system tray when I close the browser. It also prevents me from opening another instance without shutting it down in the system tray manually.

    Is there a way to shut server2Go down when the browser closes, or if I set KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose=0 is there another way to stop the browser from shutting down as soon as I try to start server2Go, i.e. prevent the original issue Brian, romapad and I have had?

  3. Christopher Hofmann

    Yes. change KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose back to 0 and just follow these steps:

    Step 1) Right Click the Server2Go application and click properties

    Step 2) Navigate to the Compatibility tab and click "Change settings for all users"

    step 1.jpg

    Step 3) Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" checkbox and change the dropdown to say "Windows 7"

    step 2.jpg

    Now just launch the application and everything should work the way it is suppose to.

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