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Settings in the configuration file

Most of the possible configurations can be done via the pms_config.ini file.

General Settings

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault
ServerNameStringIf you activated the ShowTrayIcon Parameter, this name is shown as the Name of your application in the tray menu
UseSplash0,1Shows a splash screen at startup. If here is no value, no splash will be shown. You can set a grafic file name for images in the Formats: BMP GIF JPG PNG TIF ICO TGA PCX PSD at the moment
ShowStartUpProgress0, 1Show progress bar in the splash screen at startup1
SplashTransparencyColorcomma seperated RGB values r,g,bYou can set a color that will be shown transparent. You need to define a RGB Value in the style SplashTransparencyColor=128,128,128
KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose0, 1Set this to true if you want to keep the server running after browser close or if you user NONE as browser type. Please note that the only possibility to shutdown the server is to kill him over the taskmanager or the tray menu if this is activated0
ShowTrayIcon0, 1If the following parameter is 1 Server2Go shows a tray icon for shutting down the server. If you dont like a tray icon just left this parameter with value 00
StartLocal0, 1Server2Go needs write access to the servers configuration files. For that all config files will be copied to a temp folder if StartLocal is 0. If you like to use Server2Go in a writeable environment (i.e. harddisk) you can use the value 1 instead. Please note that StartLocal=1 on a CD-ROM will NOT WORK!!!!!0

Webserver Settings

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault
HostNamestringDefines the hostname that should be shown in the browser url and that is used for the apache server. You can define a IP address (not recommended, the placeholder {local_ip} that is replaced by server2go with the IP address of the current machine or you can enter a name (i.e. companyname). This name is added to the hosts file by server2go.
PortNumericDefines the port that should be used. If this port is in use a unused port will be searched automaticly. The port used most often for websites is port 80.4001
DefaultFileFilenameThe start html/php page, so you can define any page in your document root folder as start file (i.e. pages/start.php). If empty a huge variety of default handlers is used (index.php, index.html, index.htm…)
DefaultRootFoldernameDefines the root directory in that all webfiles are savedhtdocs
DeleteHttpTemp0, 1If value is 1 all temporary files of the http server (sessions…) will be deleted after Server shutdown
HideTempFolder0, 1If HideTempFolder is set to 1 the folder will created as hidden folder

Browser Settings

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault
BrowserTypeIEXPLORER, FIREFOX, MOZILLA, DEFAULT, EXTERNAL, PORTABLEFIREFOXThe browser that is started after server start
BrowserCommandOptionsStringAdditional command options that are used at browser start like -k
BrowserPathrelative PathPath to an external browser that is used if EXTERNAL is defined as BrowserType. Usefull if you like to deliver your own browser on CD. You need to set BrowserType to EXTERNAL for using this browser!!
WorkOfflineTitleStringSpecify caption text of Work Offline dialog box. You can use mor than one captions (seperated with ;) The captions for german, english, french, dutch and spanish are build in by default
BrowserSizeThe size of the started browser. Can be a pixel dimension (1024×768) or the values MAXIMIZE and KIOSK (Internet Explorer only)

Database Settings

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault
UseMySQL0, 11 if MySQL Server should be started
LocalMirror0, 10 if you want to use the database from CD 1 if the database files from the dbdir directory will be mirrored to a directory of the local machineif not change to zero to save database to your localhost.
OverwriteLocalMirror0, 10 if you don't want to overwrite an existing database 1 if the mirrored database should be overwritten at each start of the the server
MirrorFolderAbsolute PathThe path to that the database should be mirrored, if empty the default temp directory is used
DeleteDatabaseFiles0, 1If value is 1 all files of the database server will be deleted after Server shutdown
MySQLPortNumericThe port that should be used for MySQL. If empty the default mysql port is used. If the defined port is in use Server2Go is searching a free port automatically
MySQLCmdStringAdditional commandline parameters that are used at mysql startup (like -skip-innodb)
HideMirrorFolder0,11 if you want to create the folder of the local mirror as a hidden folder.


PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault

Path Settings

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault

Additional Parsing Settings

PropertyPossible ValuesDescriptionDefault