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Unzipping the downloaded installation file is the only step you need to take for installing Server2Go. After unzipping you will have a directory with all files that are needed for creating CD-ROM based Webapplications. System requirements

Server2Go needs a 32 Bit Windows operation system. All Windows 98 and newer will be ok. How to create a CD-ROM

For creating a CD-ROM based Web-Application you just need to copy some files and folders on a CD. You will need at least the following files:

  • File: Server2Go.exe
  • File: pms_config.ini
  • File: autorun.inf
  • Folder: server
  • Folder: htdocs

All your PHP Scripts, images, HTML pages should be placed in the htdocs directory. If you want to create a MySQL database driven application you need to place your database in the dbdir directory and copy this directory to the CD too. May you like to change some configuration settings now, before you burn the content to CD. Please take a look at the configuration page below.

The Server2Go configiguration file (pms_config.ini)

Available Server2Go settings

The server configuration files

The Apache configuration file

The PHP configuration file

The MySQL configuration file

The available replacement tags


Server2Go environment variables that can accessed via PHP

Using FirefoxPortable as browser from CD