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Q. Where do I unpack all the files?
A. They can be unpacked anywhere, but you should unpack them into a folder on your hard drive, edit the configuration files to your liking and then burn the folder onto a CD.

Q. I can access the site fine on my PC, but when I try it from other PC's on the network, I cannot access it.
A. There are two things that can be wrong here. One, the IP address is not your external address. Go to a command prompt (start→run→“cmd”) and type in “ipconfig /all” (without the quotes) to see your IP. Two, your firewall may be blocking the port that the server is operating on. To unblock it in windows firewall, go to start→control panel→network and internet connections→windows firewall. Go to the exceptions tab. Click add port. Type in 80 (or whatever port it is operating on) for the port and http for the name. Click the tcp button and click enter.

Q. PHP or MySQL hits timeout or memory limit. Where do I change these numbers?
A. The “server\config_tpl” directory contains the config files for Apache, PHP and MySQL. Make your changes there.

Q WHY isn't my database being saved?
A Find your pms_config and edit the area of the database part. find LocalMirror=1 and change it to 0(zero) so it looks like this..... LocalMirror=0..... start server and once you add your database and shut the server down it should be saved.