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Available Replacement-Tags

Because of the possibly changing environment in that a server2go based application is started (i.e. different drives etc.) there are no hardcoded paths or ports in the server configuration files. All of them will be set at startup of the server. Therefor all config-files uses tags that are replaced with the value. You can use them in the httpd.conf, php.ini and my.cnf.

Please keep in mind that all path replacement tags come with a trailing slash or backslash

The following tags will replaced by a value at startup

%CDPMS:SRVDIR%The absolute path of the Server2Go “server” directory (i.e. on CD-ROM)
%CDPMS:BASEDIR%The absolute path of the root folder of the server2go installation
%CDPMS:RTDIR%The absolute path of the Temp-Files that server2go writes
%CDPMS:MYSQLPRT%The used port of the MySQL database (i.e. 7188)
%CDPMS:DBDIR%The absolute path of the database files (on local machine if you use LocalMirror=1)
%CDPMS:DOCROOT%The absolute path of the document root / htdocs folder
%CDPMS:PORT%The used http port of the apache instance (i.e. 80)
%CDPMS:HOST%The hostname, depends on the pms_config.ini (i.e.