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Hi Yury I have issues updating with a regular CSV-import. The field just becomes empty (even removing previous values).

I use this functionality quite a lot.

Is this a known issue?

(Still very happy with the add-on)

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  1. Nikolaj Kingo Marvig

    Just got this error now: Cannot add value [ [AB - The arts: general issues] ] to CustomField Thema 1 in Issue with summary 'Test'. Probably value was in incorrect format Cannot add value [ [1D - Europe] ] to CustomField Qualifier 1 in Issue with summary 'Test'. Probably value was in incorrect format

  2. Юрий Обоз repo owner

    Jira importers plugin not work correctly with third-party customfield types ;(

    But I found solution - use field mapping.

    1. Start import and click «Map field value» click «Next»

    2. Do not change anything on maping page and click next.

    3. Click «save the configuration» and edit it

    4. Find "config.value.mappings" section and replace your values from this:

    "config.value.mappings" : {
        "Single tree" : {
          "Option1" : "Option1",
          "Option2/Option3" : "Option2/Option3"

    to this:

    "config.value.mappings" : {
        "Single tree" : {
          "Option1" : "36",
          "Option2" : "23"
          "Option2/Option3" : "24",
          "Option2/Option4" : "25",
          "Option2/Option5" : "26",
          "Option6" : "27"

    where "Option1" - value from csv and 36 - ID of value.

    You can receive IDs of values via sql (AO_AA9326_OPTION table) or rest:


    1. Start new import, select csv file, and modified configuration file
    2. Profit
  3. Nikolaj Kingo Marvig

    Hi Yury

    Thanks for taking a look at this.

    I'll consider this if I'll ever have to import 100+ issues with a tree custom field value. Otherwise it seems a bit excessive.

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