Selecting parent in case a child item is selected

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Issue #25 closed
Birgit Schmidt created an issue

Could this please be looked into if there is any chance to get this improved?

As a user I want the parent to be selected as soon as a child item is selected. If the parent gets unselected all children should get unselected also.

For our use case the "Electronics" should be checked among "TV" in the Wiki example.

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  1. Юрий Обоз repo owner


    You can search issues by parent like this JQL:

    Product in tree("Electronics")

    will return issues with a value equal to «Electronics» or any child «Electronics», ex. «Computers» or «Monitors»

  2. Birgit Schmidt reporter

    I need to test for checked checkbox yes/no via other plugin for mail delivery to main category. I'd need to insert every category to each value in case it is not checked in Tree plugin.

    So it is not about single manual jql query but integration into a complex mailing mechanism.

  3. Hans Reifschneider

    We are actually in the nearly same situation.

    We'd appreciate it if there would be a configurable option with one of the next versions to check the parent automatically.

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