Possible to disable automatic sorting of values in Multi-choice-field

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Hi Yury

Is it possible to disable the automatic sorting that happens, when you are finished inputting values to a field?

Or in any other way retain the order of values input? What I'm thinking: We choose C, B, A, then it stays as C, B, A and is not sorted as A, B, C.

Hope it makes sense :-)

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  1. Nikolaj Kingo Marvig

    Hi Yury I am explaining it poorly, sorry.

    Input order (D, C, A):


    Order after saving (A, C, D):


    Any way to retain the original order?


  2. Юрий Обоз repo owner

    Plugin use JIRA API for "multi customfield type" and this type do not provide order of values

  3. Nikolaj Kingo Marvig

    Hi Yury,

    Fair enough. But as you can see the input order dissapears after "closing" the field. I guess I should make a workaround around this, or do you have any suggestions? :-)

  4. Юрий Обоз repo owner

    For now JIRA will order values by name(not plugin). Maybe I will override JIRA's "get value method" in next release and disable default order in this method

  5. Nikolaj Kingo Marvig

    Hi Yury,

    Interesting thanks. For now I will create a new field to assign a primary code as a workaround.

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