Add Rest support for schema configuration

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Issue #5 closed
Pierre-Jean Constant created an issue

Hi, To manage large tree, your field should work in combination with a CMDB (Insight for example) and then a "should have" could be to add a way to add/update/delete/disabling/enabling options in schema via a REST api ... Then, for example, adding a new CI in CMDB could trigger a WS REST call to such api to add a new option in a existing tree ... by the same method, you could update/delete or disabled/enabled an option in tree ... The main purpose is to have the "master datas" in an external system instead of Jira configuration ..

Regards, Pierre-Jean Constant

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  1. Yury Oboz repo owner

    This rest methods already exist in plugin, I writed docs for «JIRA REST API Browser» and will publish it with next release

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