Welcome to Audio::DB

Audio::DB lets you quickly build and query relational 
databases of audio collections.  It currently supports
MySQL and SQL lite databases.  Let me know if you are
interested in adding support for other databases. The schema
is complete and robust and can easily be extended.

For more information on the API see:

  % perldoc Audio::DB

Building databases:
Audio::DB can build databases from ID3 meta tags, from
custom tab-separated flat files, or from XMLized files
such as those created by iTunes.  Note that due to my
own needs and usage, creating databases from flat or
xml-ized files is the most robust approach. If you'd like
to test / debug creating libraries directly from tags,
please let me know.

For more information on the schema see

  % perldoc Audio::DB::Adaptor::dbi::mysql

Querying and reports:
Want to find artists that fall in more than one genre?  
Would you like to see the distribution of your collection by 
year (as  a purty GD-generate histogram)?  No problem! 
Audio::DB includes a number of report generating modules
for querying and fetching statistics on your collection.

For more information see:

  % perldoc Audio::DB::Reports
  % perldoc Audio::DB::Query

Web-based visualization:
Audio::DB has a rudimentary web-based interface.

Quick Start
You know the drill.

 % perl Makefile.PL
 % make
 % sudo make install 

See the scripts in bin/ for some examples on building and
querying your collection.

Happy listening!

Todd Harris