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Todd Harris
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  1. WormBase Sanger Institute

    I've added the following to the Sanger Build:

    requested by : Megan Senchuk,

    function: she wanted a 'nice' view of the phenotypes produced by genes knocked down by RNAi.

    script : ONTOLOGY/

    output1 : rnai_phenotypes.WSXXX.wb

    example lines :

    WBGene00001908 F17E9.9 larval arrest WBPhenotype:0000059 WBRNAi00025129|WBPaper00006395

    WBGene00001908 F17E9.9 locomotion variant WBPhenotype:0000643 WBRNAi00025129|WBPaper00006395

    output2 : rnai_phenotypes_quick.WXXX.wb

    example lines :

    WBGene00001908 F17E9.9 larval arrest, locomotion variant, embryonic lethal, maternal sterile

    WBGene00019433 K06A5.6 embryonic lethal

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