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Todd Harris
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[ time permitting issue! ]

1) At one point, the REST actions delivered text, JSON, and HTML. THis might have been lost along the way. We should restore this since it's a cool feature.

In the REST controller you will also see actions for fields for even finer grained web service access. (eg get the common_name of a gene):


2) perhaps we could have a page (or pages) that doc

3) We could also have a "download" option for widgets that use this interface.

4) Finally, we should think about a page/pages for documenting this feature.

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  1. Todd Harris reporter

    This looks mostly complete.

    What remains:

    1. We need a page that documents the API. Perhaps you could set up a docs/ action? I could write the API doc (low priority at the moment).

    2. The Download option in widgets needs a little polish. It should have the same margins as the context for example, and maybe a small help text describing what it is (displayed along with the form elements in the hidden block)

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