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Issue #668 resolved

RNAi object page display - 2 minor issues

Christian Grove
created an issue

Two minor issues:

1) In the Classic WormBase, RNAi object pages would indicate the sequence name of the primary target(s) along with, where applicable, the public gene name in parentheses. See, for example:


On the new Beta site, it is less clear as to which public name corresponds to the sequence name, as the public names and sequence names appear on separate, independent lines in the "Gene targets" table. See:


Could we make sure that the public name is indicated next to each sequence name, where there is a public name?

2) The genotype is not prominently displayed in any of the major widgets for the RNAi object page. It can be seen in the Tree Display, but considering the importance of the genotype to interpreting the results of a given RNAi experiment, I think we should clearly display the Genotype/Strain information in the Overview or Phenotypes widgets.



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