add reset password function on beta

Issue #767 resolved
xiaoqi shi
created an issue

From: Kian-Yong Lee [] Sent: December-11-11 5:52 PM To: Subject: [wormbase-help] WormBase Account


I signed up for an account at the WormBase2 last month. I tried to log
in just now but failed. Please may I know how can I reset my password
or re-activate my account?

Thank you.

Best, Kian-Yong

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  1. Todd Harris repo owner

    Hi Xq -

    Great! Mostly works (I need to update the schema; did you also update the schema create .sql file?)

    Also, can you change the wording of the form from

    "Please provide below the email address you registered with WormBase an email will be send out for your to reset the password"

    To something like

    <h1>Reset Your Password</h1>

    Forgot your password? No problem. Please enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset it.

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