ittywiki /

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from settings import ROOT_PATH, STATIC_PATH, DATA_PATH
from formatter import get_formatted_doc, get_formatted_doc_from_string, get_formatted_s5_doc

import mimetypes
import fnmatch
import os

from itty import *

def root_redirect(request):
    return Response('', status=302, content_type='text/plain',
                    headers=[('Location', '/IndexPage')])

def _static_asset_response(sfile, asset_name):
    content_type = 'text/plain'
    content_type_guess = mimetypes.guess_type(asset_name)
    if(content_type_guess[0] is not None):
        content_type = content_type_guess[0]

    return Response(sfile, content_type=content_type)

def static_asset(request, asset_name):
    sfile = static_file(asset_name, root=STATIC_PATH)

    return _static_asset_response(sfile, asset_name)

#hack to get s5 static assets working
def static_s5_asset(request, asset_name):
    sfile = static_file(asset_name, root=STATIC_PATH + '/ui')

    return _static_asset_response(sfile, asset_name)

def all_pages(request):
    pages = [page.split('.')[0]
             for page in os.listdir(DATA_PATH)
             if fnmatch.fnmatch(page, '*.rst')]


    pages_list = ['<li><a href="%s">%s</a></li>' % (page, page) for page in pages]
    all_pages = """<h1>All Pages</h1>
    <ul>%s</ul>""" % "".join(pages_list)
    return get_formatted_doc_from_string(all_pages, 'AllPages')

def wiki_page(request, page_name='IndexPage'):
    page = get_formatted_doc(page_name)

    return page

def wiki_page_src(request, page_name):
    sfile = static_file(page_name, root=DATA_PATH)

    return Response(sfile, content_type='text/plain')

def wiki_page_slide(request, page_name):
    page = get_formatted_s5_doc(page_name)

    return page

if __name__ == '__main__':
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