Thayne Harbaugh committed d0ca739

Error messages were incomplete; add error message to run as user root

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 class Cmd_exception(Exception):
     def __init__(self, cmd_info):
         self.cmd_info = cmd_info
-        Exception.__init__(self, cmd_info.stderr)
+        Exception.__init__(self, "%s: %s" % (cmd_info.cmdv[0], cmd_info.stderr))
 def run_cmd(cmdv, cwd=None, input=None):
         cmd_info = run_cmd(['umount', path])
     except Cmd_exception as excp:
-        raise Mount_exception(excp.cmd_info.stderr, excp.cmd_info.retcode)
+        raise Mount_exception(str(excp), excp.cmd_info.retcode)
             raise Exception("Failed to locate udev for " + devname)
         if not detect_bdevs(found_udevs):
-            raise Exception("ERROR: device '%s' does not appear to be present")
+            raise Exception("ERROR: device '%s' does not appear to be present" % devname)
     except Exception as excp:
         print >> sys.stderr, excp
+        if 0 != os.getuid():
+            print >> sys.stderr, "Do you need to be root?"
     if len(udevs) == 0: