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This is a set of tools for developing to TI's OMAP ARM+DSP product.


This tool downloads, unpacks and configures TI's DVSDK tool chain. It is able to work with TI's Code Sourcery tool chain, OpenEmbedded tool chain or the Linaro tool chain.

It is completely feasible to use ti-setup-dvsdk to create multiple tool chain environments. Utilization of a particular installation is selected by sourcing the environment.sh file in the installation top directory and then building source code.

While there are certain internal checks performed, large verifications are not performed on the installation of OpenEmbedded or Linaro tools. There is, however, a test compile stage performed on TI's included source which should demonstrate correct functionality of the installed libraries and tool chain.


./ti-setup-dvsdk [OPTIONS]


-d DIR Installation directory (required)
-D Download only - do not install
-h Print (this) usage information
-l EXE Linaro gcc executable (full path)
-o DIR OpenEmbedded directory
-t Test TI SDK after installation
-u URL URL prefix for fetching packages
-x Enable debug output
-y Accept license agreements


ti-setup-dvsdk will install to -d DIR the TI DVSDK. It will remotely fetch and cache all of the components from TI into DIR/downloads. These downloaded files can be re-used if a re-installation is initiated. Each time an SDK package is downloaded it will be unpacked to DIR. These package files cached in DIR/download` can be copied to a local directory or URL on the local network.  Subsequent invocations for ``ti-setup-dvsdk can then use -u URL to point to the local repository so that the packages do not need to be fetched from TI.


It is always a good choice to preserve the downloaded files. It is common for companies to discontinue publishing software. In the event of TI discontinuing the publication of the DVSDK having a back-up of the downloaded files will ensure that you will be able to re-deploy the exact version of the DVSDK in the future.

Installing with Code Sourcery Tool Chain

$> ./ti-setup-dvsdk -d /some/path/ti-cs

Installing with OpenEmbedded Tool Chain

$> ./ti-setup-dvsdk -d /some/path/ti-cs -o /some/path/to/openembedded

The OpenEmbedded location must have the tool chain already built for this to work.

Installing with Linaro Tool Chain

$> ./ti-setup-dvsdk -d /some/path/ti-cs -l /some/path/to/bin/linaro-gcc

The path passed to the -l EXE argument must be the Linaro gcc compiler - all other tools for the tool chain will be inferred from this.


Passing the -t argument will cause the tool chain to be exercised by compiling the TI DVSDK sample code. Any failure in this process is notable and is a likely indication that the tool chain installation will not work for development.