Hello!  This is a software project to create Internet II:  a unified
content-addressed network to replace the DNS-addressed network. It's 
aim is to address PIPA/SOPA and other economic woes of the Creative 
Class. Currently in pre-alpha and awaiting more code, but a simple 
concept demo of a 3-d web is available. See the wiki for more specs 
and throw out the stale geo- and server-centric web!

It's aim is high: a maximally collaborative (P2P), minimally 
superfluous, 3-dimensional, voting and currency infrastucture for 
sharing/organizing content to create a unified, fractal economy of 
information and value, giving fair credit to each contributor, solving 
once and for all the problem of compensation and piracy without stifling 
innovation.  It will be AWESOME!

Believe it or not, although there's only half-dozen files, the pangaia 
project represents a capstone to a large body of effort.  It's nearly 
90% there to a working prototype.  What remains is setting the 
relationships from the flow network to their visual representations, 
and zgetting the mouse events programmed.  See the source file(s) for 
TODO list(s).

The basic demo(.py) is easy to zoom around in and get a sense of 
the 3-d environment.  See the INSTALL file to get it up and 

And see the working paper at <http://ow.ly/9KJVn> for how it all 
fits it in a grand scheme to create a beautiful world.  

Your ideas and contributions are encouraged and most welcome!  
Thanks for your interest.  

Please check the wiki for documentation.

This Software is licensed under the GNU GPL3.  If you extend the code,
please post commits back to the source 


Mark Janssen