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Added the transactions web service to the mind map.

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+<node COLOR="#00b439" CREATED="1323287925055" HGAP="79" ID="ID_548453247" MODIFIED="1323952800134" TEXT="Transactions Web Service" VSHIFT="2">
+<edge STYLE="bezier" WIDTH="thin"/>
+<font NAME="SansSerif" SIZE="16"/>
+<icon BUILTIN="idea"/>
+<icon BUILTIN="full-1"/>
+<node COLOR="#990000" CREATED="1323288188390" ID="ID_1387654602" MODIFIED="1323952823667" STYLE="bubble" TEXT="Transaction Data Service">
+<font NAME="SansSerif" SIZE="14"/>
+<icon BUILTIN="full-2"/>
 <node COLOR="#0033ff" CREATED="1323287925055" HGAP="-55" ID="ID_684329198" MODIFIED="1323289995253" POSITION="right" STYLE="bubble" TEXT="HTTP Server" VSHIFT="83">
 <edge STYLE="sharp_bezier" WIDTH="8"/>
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