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Omer Katz  committed b7edc10

Added the missing post data proxy to the mind map.

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 <node COLOR="#111111" CREATED="1323288188390" HGAP="18" ID="ID_101944238" MODIFIED="1323290101556" STYLE="bubble" TEXT="Post Data Service" VSHIFT="8">
 <font NAME="SansSerif" SIZE="12"/>
 <icon BUILTIN="full-2"/>
+<node COLOR="#111111" CREATED="1323952855959" ID="ID_1103171399" MODIFIED="1323952966080" STYLE="fork" TEXT="Proxies">
+<cloud COLOR="#ffcccc"/>
+<node COLOR="#111111" CREATED="1323952881659" ID="ID_1843216265" MODIFIED="1323952899990" STYLE="bubble" TEXT="Data Proxy"/>
 <node COLOR="#111111" CREATED="1323288188390" ID="ID_1386126470" MODIFIED="1323290099996" STYLE="bubble" TEXT="Tag Data Service">
 <font NAME="SansSerif" SIZE="12"/>

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