David Mazary  committed 73d6652

Restored search controls which were lost when I renamed them in the form but not in the template

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File resources/database/hokiefinderdb.sqlite3

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File resources/templates/index.html

         {{ form.non_field_errors }}
             <li id="header">Hokie Finder</li>
-            <li>{{ form.query.errors }}</li>
-            <li>{{ form.query }}</li>
-            <li>{{ form.filter_box.errors }}</li>
-            <li>{{ form.filter_box }}</li>
+            <li>{{ form.term.errors }}</li>
+            <li>{{ form.term }}</li>
+            <li>{{ form.filter_type.errors }}</li>
+            <li>{{ form.filter_type }}</li>
             <li><input type="submit" value="Search"></li>