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Added .hgignore file.
1.1 KB
Added LICENSE and
95 B
Side Bar.sublime-menu: Disabled find_in_folders sidebar command due to proper implementation within Sublime itself.
2.9 KB Shortened to only show hour and minute.
2.1 KB
Changed name of var COMMAND to DEFAULT_COMMAND.
3.4 KB Corrected path to Diff.tmLanguage which is now being shipped with Sublime itself.
989 B
1.6 KB
Added double-wrap-prevention mechanism to
290 B
Added for sidebar to search in multiple folders at once.
4.7 KB Plugin to move several views by the same amount the active view has been moved.
10.1 KB Changed regex not to eat leading stars and trailing text until colons by default (better cooperation with orgmode).
1.7 KB
Moved defered view logic into support.view.
1.2 KB Code cleanup.
6.5 KB
Added open_mage_file text command to open referenced Magento (.php, .html) files from selections or current line.
7.6 KB Added highlighter for "from a import b" and "from a import (...)".
4.2 KB
Implemented algo in which tries to also keep some offset within views which would be normally too small in height.
1.6 KB
Corrected name of region to "ShowAtCenterAndBlinkCommand" in
1008 B
Added workaround in for handling the odd event order of build <=2038.