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hg-mksqlscript Extension Readme


This is a very simple mercurial extension to parse a repository's change history
for new and modified files and build a single sql file from them.

Note:  The contents of the files in your *working copy* are used.  Your working 
copy should be updated to the last revision you wish to include in the change file
prior to running.  You've been warned.


Place `` somewhere on your computer, possibly in the hgext directory.
Simply add `mksqlscript = /path/to/` to the `[extensions]` section
of your `.hgrc` file to activate the extension.

Basic Usage

For the impatient:

    hg mksqlscript --rev 200 -p some/sub/path update_script.sql

Run `hg help mksqlscript` for more details.

mksqlscript takes three parameters:

#) the revision range to start / stop the change search,
#) a sub-path to restrict included files to,
#) and a file name to dump the output to.

To suppress the list of included files use the `--quiet` flag.