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 values it can use. Additionally to this (general) environment, parameters can
 be also given directly to the render call.
+We use py.test for automated testing (it is currently automatically installed
+into your virtualenv as a dependency).
+Running the tests
+To run the tests you first need to enter your virtualenv::
+    . env/bin/activate
+To run tests, enter::
+    py.test  # runs all tests
+    py.test -k somekeyword  # just run the tests matching somekeyword
+    py.test  # just run the tests contained in
+Tests output
+Most is quite self-explaining, the characters mean::
+    . test ran OK
+    s test was skipped
+    E error happened while running the test
+    F test failed
+    x test was expected to fail (xfail)
+If something went wrong, you'll also see some traceback and stdout/stderr.
+Writing tests
+Writing tests with `py.test` is easy and low on overhead. You basically just
+use `assert` statements.
+For more information, please read on there: - but keep in
+mind that we currently still use **py.test 1.3.4**.