Reimar Bauer avatar Reimar Bauer committed b85f460

setup: require pytest-pep8<1.0.3 because pytest-pep8 1.0.3 requires pytest 2.3 and our test code needs to be refactored for pytest 2.3

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         'pytest>=2.1, <2.3', # pytest is needed by unit tests
                              # note: currently 2.3.x is not compatible with our test code,
                              # likely due to the fixtures changes.
-        'pytest-pep8', # coding style checker
+        'pytest-pep8<1.0.3', # coding style checker
+                             # note: pytest-pep8 1.0.3 needs pytest 2.3
         'whoosh>=2.4.0', # needed for indexed search
         'sphinx>=1.1', # needed to build the docs
         'pdfminer', # pdf -> text/plain conversion
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