Project Key Description
allrepohome ALRPHOME This is a linking repo that links to all the other repo homes. These linked repo homes eventually link to actual repos. Neither the all repo home or the linked repohomes dont actually contain any actual code.
c language CL
c sharp stuff CSS repositories that belong to c sharp. This acts as a companion for our blog posts at . We primarily wrote this while preparing for the Microsoft Exam 70 483
dotnetcore DOT dot net core projects
droid_stuff DROID All my repos related to android stuff.
iOS_stuff IOS all the stuff related to ios.
others - google OG contains repos of some projects with google technology that I could not put elsewhere.
ProjectCRUDPublic PROJCRUDPUBLIC public counterpart of the private project crud repo collection
project_td PTD public repositories related to project TD.
project_um PROJ-2
react native RN code related to react native mobile app building
UTLPracticeAugustSeptember UTAS Repo for UTL batch august september
web development stuff - asp MVC WDSAM code related to asp dot net MVC will be put here.
web development stuff - javascript WDS repos related to web development - javascript
web development stuff - jquery WDSJ web development stuff - jquery