welcome to the chalakas home of all repos.

Hello and welcome to my repository head quarters. this is where you will find all the repos I have built over the years

As I write this, I have repos on at least 12 different technologies. I wish it was just one technology but the way the tech world is going it is almost impossible these days to be working on a single tech. Everything is so complicated and we developers have no choice but to jack of all trades.

Here are the links to the repo homes where you will find what you are looking for.

  1. C language
  2. C sharp stuff
  3. dot net core
  4. droid stuff
  5. iOS stuff
  6. other google
  7. project TD
  8. project UM
  9. react native
  10. MVC
  11. JavaScript
  12. jQuery

additional notes here.

Last Updated June 10th 2018.

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