Re-Open viewed file/page after re-opening the app

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Daniel Eberle
created an issue

I'm using this app for viewing the files in my project on the go. However, after reopening the app when another log in happens I'm starting over at the default entry point, which is quite annoying. Would be great if the state was preserved.

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  1. Dillon repo owner

    Just so I understand you use-case: you're switching back and forth between Bitbucket users and want to keep your navigation state as you switch?

  2. Daniel Eberle reporter

    No, I am not switching users. I'd just like the state to be preserved when opening the app. I noticed this isn't the case when - the app was hard shut down - another sign in happens after opening (presumably token expired)

  3. Gary Hooper

    I would like this as well. In my case, I’m viewing a file. I “pause” the app to view data in another app. When I return, my file is not being shown: I have to re-navigate to it.

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