API Clients

The Graide Network

This package contains internal API clients for The Graide Network's private API.


To get the latest stable version of this package add this line to your project's composer.json file:

 "thegraidenetwork/tgn-clients": "^2.0.0"

You may also specify any version release listed on Packagist. Check the Changelog for an overview of changes.



Use each client to connect with a different Graide Network API.

  • AbstractClient - Serves as a standard base class for most internal API clients.
  • AssignmentsClient - Allows access to the assignments API.
  • CoursesClient - Allows access to the courses API.
  • RubricsClient - Allows access to the rubrics API.
  • TransporterClient - Allows access to the transporter API.
  • UsersClient - Allows access to the users API.


Integrators make merging data from multiple APIs simpler.

  • AbstractIntegrator - Serves as a standard base class for all integrators.
  • AssignmentsIntegrator - Merges assignments into an associated data model.
  • CoursesIntegrator - Merges courses, sections, or students into an associated data model.
  • UsersIntegrator - Merges users into an associated data model.

Updating this package

  • Make changes.
  • Add your updates to the the changelog file.
  • Update the file with any new information.
  • Commit your changes.
  • Create and push a tag: git tag <SEM_VER> then git push origin <SEM_VER>.
  • Push your changes to the master branch: git push origin master.


The test suite for this project can be run with the command: npm run app:test.

And the linter can be run with the command: npm run app:lint.

Tests for the abstract classes in this package use concrete fixtures to instantiate new objects. A code coverage report is available in the build/ directory after the first time tests are run.