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+            <h4>Note</h4>
+            <p>The Right Information Act, 2005, has been taken from the <a href="http://rti.gov.in/">Govt. of India website</a>. Please go there for any changes or clarification.</p>
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-<b>From Wikipedia:</b> 
-<p>The Right to Information Act (RTI) is an Act of the Parliament of India "to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens" and replaces the erstwhile Freedom of Information Act, 2002. The Act applies to all States and Union Territories of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has its own act called Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009. Under the provisions of the Act, any citizen may request information from a "public authority" (a body of Government or "instrumentality of State") which is required to reply expeditiously or within thirty days.</p>
- <p>The Act also requires every public authority to computerize their records for wide dissemination and to pro-actively publish certain categories of information so that the citizens need minimum recourse to request for information formally. This law was passed by Parliament on 15 June 2005 and came fully into force on 13 October 2005.Information disclosure in India was hitherto restricted by the Official Secrets Act 1923 and various other special laws, which the new RTI Act now relaxes.</p>
-<p>The Act has increased transparency and greater accountability in the functioning of the government and hence played a significant role in reducing corruption. Also, it promoted citizen-centric approach to development and helped in increasing the efficiency of public welfare schemes provided by the government.</p>
-<p><strong>Warning!</strong> THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION
-ACT, 2005, has been taken from the <a href="http://rti.gov.in/">Govt. of India website</a>. Please go there for there for any changes or clarification.</p>
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