blatter /


setup_info = dict(
    description="blats out static web sites",

    author='Jason Kirtland',
    license='MIT License',


    scripts = ['scripts/blatter'],
    entry_points = {
        'console_scripts': [ 'blatter=blatter:run_script' ] },

    install_requires = [

        'Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable',
        'Environment :: Console',
        'Intended Audience :: Developers',
        'License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License',
        'Natural Language :: English',
        'Operating System :: OS Independent',
        'Programming Language :: Python',
        'Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content',
        'Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management',
        'Topic :: Software Development :: Pre-processors',
        'Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup :: HTML',
        'Topic :: Utilities',

    from setuptools import setup
    del setup_info['scripts']
except ImportError:
    for unsupported in ('entry_points', 'install_requires'):
        del setup_info[unsupported]
    from distutils.core import setup

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