doom / src / _doc / technical / chexquest3.txt

:name: Chex3 adaptation doc
:author: Wesley Johnson
:date: 5/4/2010

The chex3.wad continues with the theme of chexquest.

there are some images and graphics from Doom that should
be blocked when CHEX is played.  Most notable is the bunny picture.
It is possible to get to these by using the console, or sometimes
through the menu.  Some Doom maps are there too, but these are not
offensive, just confused because Chex replaced textures with things
unrelated in usage.
These cannot be disabled because there is a Chexquest2 that does have
more levels, and may have replaced the offending pictures with something
that they use.
Add-on levels, pwads, may redefine missing sprites that have been blanked.

Most of the Chex3 graphics and sprites are identical to Chex1.

Chexquest1: chex.wad

Levels: E1M1 to E1M5		// Chex
	E2M1 to E2M5		// Chex
	E3M1 to E3M5		// Chex

	E1M6 to E1M9		// from Doom
	E2M1 to E2M9		// from Doom
	E3M1 to E3M9		// from Doom
	E4M1 to E4M9		// from Doom

Music:  D_E1M1 to D_E1M5	// Chex
	D_E2M1 to D_E2M5	// Chex
	D_E3M4 to D_E3M5	// Chex

// Good Chex images
  m_doom.ppm	// splash screen, Chexquest3
  titlepic.ppm	// chex warrior attacked by flemoids, Chexquest3
  credit.ppm    // chex warrior, heroic
  end0.ppm to end6.ppm	// chex warrior, thumbs up, THE END
  endpic.ppm	// chex warrior attacked by flemoids
  interpic.ppm	// chex warrior fighting
  pfub1.ppm	// chex warrior in slime
  pfub2.ppm	// chex warrior raising flag
  victory2.ppm  // chex warrior sitting, Chexquest2
  help1.ppm	// chex help screen
  stbar.ppm	// status bar

// faces are replaced by a chex, with green ooze for damage
  stfdead0.ppm	// green ooze

Interpic map:
// Good Chex map graphic
wimap0.ppm	// E1, chex warrior cleaning goo off boots
wimap1.ppm	// E2, chex warrior stepping in goo
wimap2.ppm	// E3, chex, meteors and spaceship headed to earth

Graphic interpic sequences:
Most wia***** are missing.

// Good Chex sequences
// Chex graphic overlay of wimap0, for end of E1
wia00900.ppm, wia00901.ppm, wia00902.ppm	// chex seq. of hand cleaning boot
// Chex graphic overlay of wimap1, for end of E2
wia10700.ppm, wia10701.ppm, wia10702.ppm	// chex seq. of boot steppin in goo
// Chex graphic overlay of wimap1, for end of E3
wia20000.ppm, wia20001.ppm, wia20002.ppm	// chex seq. of spaceship

Graphic interpic titles and text:
// Good Chex graphics
wicolon.ppm	// colon
wiminux.ppm	// minus sign
wipcnt.ppm	// percent sign
wimstar.ppm	// you
wimstt.ppm	// total
winum0 to winum9 // 0 to 9
wiostf.ppm	// F.
wiosti.ppm	// items found
wiostk.ppm	// flemoids returned
wiosts.ppm	// secret areas found
wiscrt2.ppm	// secret areas found
wisucks.ppm	// sucks
witime.ppm	// time
wipar.ppm	// par
wisplat.ppm	// blank square (splat)
wiurh0.ppm, wiurh1.ppm	// blank horz. bar  (you are here)
wienter.ppm	// entering
wif.ppm		// finished
wifrgs.ppm	// flemoids returned

wilv00.ppm	// landing zone
wilv01.ppm	// storage facility
wilv02.ppm	// laboratory
wilv03.ppm	// arboretum
wilv04.ppm	// caverns of bazoik
wilv10.ppm	// spaceport
wilv11.ppm	// cinema
wilv12.ppm	// chex museum
wilv13.ppm	// city streets
wilv14.ppm	// sewer system
wilv20.ppm	// central command
wilv21.ppm	// united cereals
wilv22.ppm	// vila chex
wilv23.ppm	// provincial park
wilv24.ppm	// meteor spaceship

// Doom graphic texts
wikilrs.ppm	// killers !
wivctms.ppm	// victims !
wip1.ppm, wip2.ppm, wip3.ppm, wip4.ppm		// P1 P2 P3 P4
wibp1.ppm, wibp2.ppm, wibp3.ppm, wibp4.ppm	// P1 P2 P3 P4

// Good Chex text
m_episod.ppm	// which episode
m_epi1.ppm	// rescue on baziok
m_epi2.ppm	// terror in chex city
m_epi3.ppm	// invasion

m_skill.ppm	// choose difficulty
m_jkill.ppm	// easy does it
m_rough.ppm	// not so sticky
m_hurt.ppm	// gobs of goo
m_nmare.ppm	// super slimey
m_ultra.ppm	// extreme ooze

m_lgtti.ppm	// load quest
m_sgtii.ppm	// save quest
m_loadg.ppm	// load game
m_saveg.ppm	// save game
m_quitg.ppm	// quit game
m_newg.ppm	// new game
m_ngame.ppm	// new game
m_endgam.ppm	// end game

m_pause.ppm	// pause
m_rdthis.ppm	// read this

m_option.ppm	// options
m_optttl.ppm	// options
m_detail.ppm	// graphic detail
m_gdlow.ppm	// low
m_gdhigh.ppm	// high
m_disopt.ppm	// display options
m_scrnsz.ppm	// screen size
m_disp.ppm	// display
m_messg.ppm	// messages
m_msens.ppm	// mouse sensitivity
m_msgoff.ppm	// off
m_msgon.ppm	// on
m_svol.ppm	// sound volume
m_musvol.ppm	// music volume
m_sfxvol.ppm	// sound effects volume

m_lscntr.ppm	// green box center
m_lsleft.ppm	// green box left
m_lsrght.ppm	// green box right

// Text missing, using Legacy red defaults
m_single.ppm	// single player
m_multi.ppm	// multiplayer
m_2playr.ppm	// two player game
m_setupa.ppm	// setup player one
m_setupb.ppm	// setup player two
m_connec.ppm	// connect server
m_stserv.ppm	// start server
m_cdvol.ppm	// CD volume
m_contro.ppm	// setup controls
m_setupm.ppm	// setup
m_video.ppm	// video options
rankings.ppm	// rankings


Sprites have been replaced with Chex appropriate ones.
Many sprites have been blanked, or replaced with food, plant, items.
PWAD may add these and use them in a map.
Blanked sprites:

Good Chex animations:
  bexc0, bexd0,  // barrels explode
  smbt**, smgt**, smrt**

Good Chex monster sprites:
Dead sprite graphics are blank.

There are no Doom sprites in the Chex wad.
All textures and flats are Chex.

Blood splats:
The chex game as played on DOS does have splats appear when hitting the flemoids, but they do not appear on wall nor floor.
All splats are green.
  blud**	 (bluda0, bludb0, bludc0)   are from Chex wad, are green, and are used in DOS version of Chexquest.