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doom / src / _logs / LogTVE.txt

- Thierry never writes log files (just a very short resume here)
- The date are in french format (sorry, but it's easier for me like that)

I join the DooM Legacy Team

I start coding on the OpenGL version of DooM Legacy, inspired by faB's glide code.

15-04-1999 -> 15-01-2000
The OpenGL version runs pretty well, despite this damn crappy code
- Add some new features like coronas, dynamic lighting, static lighting, FOV
- Fix some common bug between hardware/software version
- Implement in hardware mode all the missing features present in sofware mode, except splat and legacy water.
- Do a lot of join with Boris' code
- Now, I'm actually working on md2 models, mirrors and T&L
- TODO: improve the static/dynamic lighting code, support skin colors, complete this log file,...

15-01-2000 -> 10-08-2000
- Skin and text color are now implemented in hardware mode
- Splats are now enabled in hardware mode (still some clipping and color problems)
- Lots of bug have been fixed (see Bug Tracking for more)
- Lots of optimisation have been done (See CVS logs for more)
- TODO: include new software features in hardware mode

- DooM Legacy v1.30 is released, I've update the site and some txt files for that.

12-08-2000 -> 28-08-2000
- Answering lots of mail and doing lots of admin stuffs!
- Working on the DooM Legacy Master Server code (both client and server)
- TODO: .do a lot of cleanup in Doom code like removing redundant opearation (i.e I_GetTime)
        .doing tasks I've created for v1.32
        .update the site for better management