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faB log of changes on DOOM LEGACY, continued from the day after release
v1.20 of Doom LEGACY.
THE DOOM LEGACY PROJECT		          Contact: <>

Project:  DOOM Legacy
Web site:
Log author: Denis Fabrice

Fri 22-05-1998:

As usual, the neverending story: little bugs to fix this and there..
we have to choose, we want the most stable version for the best
enjoyment..thus... boring bug fixes. I want to have fun!! argh..

Most reported bugs:
-   all demons are now translucent (oops!)
-   less video modes are detected since I have updated vid_vesa.c
    for more compatibility with NT.
-   slow turn in high resolutions : Boris has fixed already.
-   demos don't record properly, Boris fixed it.
-   add keypad arrows for console (for shan tsung great bug reporter!)
-   shift in console pops up menu..

Fab lazy boy:
-   statusbar draws under the view in fullscreen!!! what a shame.

Todo for next update (very soon!):
-   finish EDITING.TXT, WHATSNEW.TXT : the later is a in-depth
    review of the changes, boring TNT style.
-   put a cool patch on the site as demonstration of sprites in pwad?
    Anubis is great.
-   restore water at map30 until it has a real editing-support ?
    may even add some cheats to play with it, eg: IDFLOOD, flood level :)
-   get da hands back in the dirty ASM code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (too much VB5.0 coding)
-   comment debug messages (p_setup, p_spec, r_things, r_data)

*   console.c : eat the shift keydown, so menu doesn't popup.

Sun 24-05-1998:

*   vid_vesa.c : fixed nasty bug with __tb buffer trashed, and video
	    modes detection was faulty with some graphics cards.

Mon 25-05-1998:

*   p_fab.c : Demons are now opaque, for demons/spectres, the MF_SHADOW
	 bit is used, not per frame (just a line of code removed)

*   p_inter.c : changed frag messages, and removed the FUCK word as
	   requested.. crazy American people.

*   d_netcmd.c, r_bsp.c : restored the water, but with a 'water' command,
	  until it is finished. Also set con_cilpviewtop 10 lines
	  less so that water don't duplicate console bottom lines.
	  (see console.c)

Tue 26-05-1998:

*   console.c : monstruous hack to center the 'I' letter.. modified
	   the letter's patch leftoffset during the console draw.

*   console.c : rewritten CONS_Print, fixed word wrap.

*   m_cheat.c : added newline at end of cheat msgs

Wed 27-05-1998:

*   st_stuff.c, .. : added viewsize 12, viewsize 11 = fullscreen + overlay
		viewsize 12 = fullscreen without overlay.

Wed 16-07-1998:

At last, I'm back to the code!

*   i_cdmus.c : started cd audio using Brennan Underwood's BCD library.
	   Cd init/play/info.

Sun 19-07-1998:

*   i_cdmus.c : finished cd audio, added open/stop/play/reset/remap/...
	   added 'cd_update' var, as my friend's crap cd driver
	   took up to a second just to query cd busy status. In
	   such case 'cd_update 0', will no more query the cd
	   but then loop/next track are no more automatic.

*   console.txt, legacy.txt : updated for cd commands.

*   legacy.txt : added cheat section 'idcd##' and 'idfly' documented.

*   faq.txt : added 2 trouble-shoot for cd audio music (bad slow driver,
	 and need of mscdex).

Sat-Sun 26-07-1998:

*   p_fab.c : changed 'bloodtime' into a multiplayer variable.

*   command.c : added CV_NOINIT so that the 'onchange' function is
	   not called at the CV_RegisterVar time, for CV_CALL

Sat 02-08-1998:

*   r_things.c : add basic skins code, simply check in pwad for
	    S_SKIN markers, the name of the skin is in the
	    S_SKIN marker resource. Modified R_AddSpriteDefs
	    so that a part of it is usable for skins loading
	    (extracted code into R_AddSingleSpriteDefs)

*   m_menu.c : added skin in multiplayer->setup menu.

    Todo: send skin change through network, put skin in player struct,
     write skin documentation (how to do a skins wad..)

Sun 02-08-1998:

*   r_things.c, d_netcmd.c : made skin as network and demo record ok.
			skin uses a name, so that people can have
			different skins loaded, it doesnt depend on
			the order.

*   p_mobj.c, p_mobj.h : added 'spritedef' override in mobj_t struct so
	 that dead bodies retain the skin of the player (when the
	 player respawns, the mobj is detached from the player).
	 (more or less hack, should have sprite use skin's sprite)

*   d_main.c : uses '-deh' too for dehacked, like Boom & DosDoom so that
	  a batch file can use '-deh' for all ports.

Tue 04-08-1998:

*   legacy.txt : added '-nocd', forgot to document it in last update.

*   bcd.c, bcd.h : Brennan Underwood fixed the bug, recompiled and
	      it doesn't crash anymore with Data cd's ! cool!

Sat 08-Aug-1998:

*   d_netcmd.c : fixed with Boris forgot demoversion test in skins
	    for GotNameAndColor().. screwed older demos.

Sat 09-Aug-1998:

*   d_main.c : do not render statusbar overlay while in Death view
	  (just looks better have a clear full view when dead)

*   p_spec : added 'you found a secret area!' message when secret
	sector is found.

*   p_mobj.c, p_spec.c : added MF_JUSTHITFLOOR so SpecialSector damage
	does instant damage when landing after a jump, you can't
	no more escape from lava damage by jumping like a monkey.

*   info.c : added 'MT_SMOK' (not same as MT_SMOKE), for smoke puffs
	when damaged in lava/slime.

*   sounds.c : added 2 water sounds splash and gloop, gloop when entering
	  water, splash when moving in

*   info.c : added MT_SPLASH for water splashes

Thu 13-Aug-1998:

*   f_finale.c : fixed the finale scaling (characters, text & bossback)

Wed 19-Aug-1998:

*   infomobj.c : just noticed in MAP23 the barrels didn't explode when
	    the mancubus shoot at the player.. in fact the barrels
	    height changed a while ago from 42 to 30 so they could
	    be climbed but it didn't work anyway.. the height
	    still need to be smaller than 42, because the graphics
	    doesn't correspond to that height, but I've set it to
	    32 instead of 30 and now they explode with the mancubus

[log not updated until v1.25 release.. beat me]
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