doom / src / _logs / somlog.txt

-- 3/30/2000
  * Removed compiler warning in d_cliserv.c that passed long values to an int in the format 
  * ADDED SUPPORT FOR BOOM'S COLORMAPS! (Had to turn off assembly though :(  )

-- 3/29/2000
  * Added Boom's PASUSE flag for linedefs.
  * Added boom check to r_segs.c that checks for null ceiling/floor planes.

-- 3/28/2000
  * Added experimental rocketjumping code(that actually works) and added a console variable to
    allow server admins to turn rocket jumping off.
  * Added support for Boom friction in p_mobj.c, P_XYFriction. 
  * Limited swimming to 270 water type. 242 no longer allows swimming.
  * Increased the solidsegs limit to MAXVIDWIDTH/2+1 like in Boom.

-- 3/27/2000
  * Fixed a gameplay issue that has plagued legacy but no other port that allowed players to
    pick up items they were above/below but were not touching....
  * Added x/y clipping to FakeFloors (p_maputl.c)
  * Added function R_Point2Dist2 that works like R_Point2Dist but takes four arguments (ala.

-- 3/26/2000
  * I put in Boom's draw seg limit because I think it might be faster..

-- 3/25/2000
  * Added Boom's closed door automap bug fix.

-- 3/24/2000
  * Made code to render fake floors as extra planes. Unforunetly, none of it seems to work
    right so I put it into #ifdef R_FAKEFLOORS tags.

-- 3/23/2000
  * Worked out bugs in the multiple floors code and removed the "two floors per sector" limit.
    Now multiple floors in the same sector should be functional (untested yet).
  * Reimplemented Visplane hashing from Boom. Speed increase!

-- 3/22/2000
  * Realized I had done work on 3/21 but forgot to put it into the log... :(
  * Started work on a new editing feature: Extra floors that you can walk on! This replaces the
    Legacy thing height detection for doing levels over levels. Looks really cool! Works like
    Boom's deep water except the flats are solid. :)

-- 3/20/2000
  * Reloaded r_plane.c from the CVS repository and re-made all the changes from boom accept the
    visplane hashing which seemed to crash doom on maps with lots of visplanes (like gothic99)
  * Also removed(commented out) all of the old Legacy water code).
  * Added a simple (un-optimized) but perfect Visplane limit removal and gothic99 still crashes
    (Could it be a DrawSeg problem?) FOUND IT! It's a problem with the maxopenings limit.

-- 3/18/2000
  * Bunch of unlogged changes that I later removed.

-- 3/17/2000
  * Added code to g_game.c to disable boom support when playing demos previous to version 1.29
  * Removed hardcoded visplane limit with boom's code, added floor/ceiling offsets. Also 
    replaced old visplane handling system with faster Boom system.
  * Added water/fake ceiling code from boom.
  * Added code to proporly clip sprites in water/fake ceilings.
  * Did a few little changes in some files... Can't remember which ones though :)
  * Made Boom's water swimmable using Legacy's swimming code!

-- 3/16/2000
  * Cleaned up code and fixed some warnings.
  * Removed Fab's old water code from r_plane.c, r_bsp.c and r_segs.c
  * GOT MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL COMPILE! Found out that I need to add ANIMATED lump to doom3.wad...
    heh... First build freezes when level starts.
  * Got a good build running and fixed all aparent bugs/problems.

-- 3/15/2000
  * Did some misc. work on p_spec.c and some of it's related files...
  * Made p_saveg.c Boom compatible. This includes archiving and unarchiving of new thinker 
    types, and changing "specialdata" to "ceilingdata" or "floordata".
  * Added new teleport functions to p_telept.c
  * Started work on p_map.c and got to P_CheckPosition.

-- 3/9/2000
  * Worked some MORE on p_spec.c and p_spec.h filling in some missing function protytypes,
    re-writing a little boom code to fit into Legacy, ect.
  * Added extra key-door messages from boom into the dstrings.c & dsrtings.h files, and added
    them to d_french.h but they are in english...

-- 3/8/2000
  * Worked more on p_spec.c adding more boom stuff. And worked a little to fix the code that
    gives instant damage to the player whenever he falls or jumps in toxic sectors. Also added
    (copied) all friction/water/scroller/pusher&puller functions.
  * Added extra data definitions to p_spec.h
  * Added two things and sprites/states to info.c and info.h
  * Added stuff to p_mobj_t in p_mobj.h

-- 3/7/2000
  * Err, just realized that I've been commenting with the date 3/6/2000 all day long....
  * Worked on p_floor.c adding boom support. I added all the Boom extras for floors and the extra
    functions that handle them.
  * Worked on p_lights.c adding boom support. Not much extras here, just changing a few member
    names and a few function calls.
  * Worked on p_plats.c added boom support. No more limits on plats! YAY! Had problems with this 
    making levels a long time ago.
  * Continued work on p_spec.c adding many Boom specific utility functions. Implemented all boom
    changes up to P_PlayerInSpecialSector because I'm really tired.

-- 3/6/2000
  * Added more th p_spec.h
  * worked on p_ceilng.c adding boom support.
  * worked on p_doors.c adding boom support.

-- 3/4/2000

  * Started work in p_spec.c adding the extra boom linedefs. So far, I have all the walk once
    and repeatables finished. Also added new variable "boomsupport" in hopes of making non-boom
    demos and save games usable. (The demos should still work but I don't know about savegames)
  * Started work in p_spec.h as well... just adding extra types and modifying the existing ones
    to work in boom.