doom / src / os2 / Readme.OS2

 DooM LEGACY for OS/2
 Release v1.40, September 2002.

 Last Updated: September 2002

 Original game & sources by: Id Software.
 Additions: (c)1998 by: Fabrice Denis & Boris Pereira
            (c)1999 by: Fabrice Denis, Boris Pereira & Thierry Van Elsuwe
            (c)2000 by: Boris Pereira & Thierry Van Elsuwe
            (c)2001-2002 by: Doom Legacy Team
 Special thanks to Steven McGranahan, Robert Bäuml and Bell Kin for
 their large contribution and to others Legacy Team members.

 Web site:



     Update v1.32  04-Mar-2001
     - OS/2 public release.
     - read /doomlegacy/os2/ChangeLog for specific changes.


  Please read Legacy.txt (and other documents) for game setup.

  Here are listed only OS/2 specific notes.

  New keyboard shortcuts:
    SHIFT-F6   Switch DIVE to fullscreen mode
    SHIFT-F7   Switch DIVE to desktop mode
    SHIFT-F8   Switch DIVE to full desktop mode
    SHIFT-F9   Set window size to 1X
    SHIFT-F10  Set window size to 2X
    SHIFT-F11  Set window size to largest size
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