doom / src / v_video.h

// Emacs style mode select   -*- C++ -*-
// $Id: v_video.h 589 2010-01-08 04:13:23Z wesleyjohnson $
// Copyright (C) 1993-1996 by id Software, Inc.
// Portions Copyright (C) 1998-2000 by DooM Legacy Team.
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// $Log: v_video.h,v $
// Revision 1.11  2003/08/11 13:50:00  hurdler
// go final + translucent HUD + fix spawn in net game
// Revision 1.10  2001/05/16 21:21:15  bpereira
// no message
// Revision 1.9  2001/04/17 22:26:07  calumr
// Initial Mac add
// Revision 1.8  2001/04/01 17:35:07  bpereira
// no message
// Revision 1.7  2001/02/24 13:35:21  bpereira
// no message
// Revision 1.6  2001/01/25 22:15:44  bpereira
// added heretic support
// Revision 1.5  2000/11/02 19:49:37  bpereira
// no message
// Revision 1.4  2000/08/31 14:30:56  bpereira
// no message
// Revision 1.3  2000/03/29 20:10:50  hurdler
// your fix didn't work under windows, find another solution
// Revision 1.2  2000/02/27 00:42:11  hurdler
// fix CR+LF problem
// Revision  2000/02/22 20:32:32  hurdler
// Initial import into CVS (v1.29 pr3)
//      Gamma correction LUT.
//      Functions to draw patches (by post) directly to screen.
//      Functions to blit a block to the screen.

#ifndef __V_VIDEO__
#define __V_VIDEO__

#include "doomdef.h"
#include "doomtype.h"
#include "r_defs.h"


//added:18-02-98:centering offset for the scaled graphics,
//               this is normally temporarily changed by m_menu.c only.
//               The rest of the time it should be zero.
extern  int     scaledofs;

// Screen 0 is the screen updated by I_Update screen.
// Screen 1 is an extra buffer.

extern  byte*   screens[5];

extern  int     dirtybox[4];

extern  consvar_t cv_ticrate;
extern  consvar_t cv_usegamma;
extern  consvar_t cv_gammafunc;
extern  consvar_t cv_black;	// input to gammafunc
extern  consvar_t cv_bright;	// input to gammafunc

// Allocates buffer screens, call before R_Init.
void V_Init (void);

// Set the current RGB palette lookup to use for palettized graphics
void V_SetPalette( int palettenum );

void V_SetPaletteLump( char *pal );

extern RGBA_t  *pLocalPalette;

// Retrieve the ARGB value from a palette color index
#define V_GetColor(color)  (pLocalPalette[color&0xFF])

( int           srcx,
  int           srcy,
  int           srcscrn,
  int           width,
  int           height,
  int           destx,
  int           desty,
  int           destscrn );

//added:03-02-98:like V_DrawPatch, + using a colormap.
void V_DrawMappedPatch ( int           x,
                         int           y,
                         int           scrn,
                         patch_t*      patch,
                         byte*         colormap );

// with temp patch load to cache
void V_DrawMappedPatch_Name ( int x, int y, int scrn,
			      char*         name,
			      byte*         colormap );

//added:05-02-98:V_DrawPatch scaled 2,3,4 times size and position.

// flags hacked in scrn (not supported by all functions (see src))
#define V_NOSCALESTART       0x010000   // dont scale x,y, start coords
#define V_SCALESTART         0x020000   // scale x,y, start coords
#define V_SCALEPATCH         0x040000   // scale patch
#define V_NOSCALEPATCH       0x080000   // don't scale patch
#define V_WHITEMAP           0x100000   // draw white (for v_drawstring)
#define V_FLIPPEDPATCH       0x200000   // flipped in y
#define V_TRANSLUCENTPATCH   0x400000   // draw patch translucent

// default params : scale patch and scale start
void V_DrawScaledPatch ( int           x,
                         int           y,
                         int           scrn,    // + flags
                         patch_t*      patch );

// with temp patch load to cache
void V_DrawScaledPatch_Name(int x, int y, int scrn, char * name );
void V_DrawScaledPatch_Num(int x, int y, int scrn, int patch_num );

//added:05-02-98:kiktest : this draws a patch using translucency
void V_DrawTransPatch ( int           x,
                        int           y,
                        int           scrn,
                        patch_t*      patch );

//added:16-02-98: like V_DrawScaledPatch, plus translucency
void V_DrawTranslucentPatch ( int           x,
                              int           y,
                              int           scrn,
                              patch_t*      patch );

void V_DrawPatch ( int           x,
                   int           y,
                   int           scrn,
                   patch_t*      patch);

// Draw a linear block of pixels into the view buffer.
void V_DrawBlock ( int           x,
                   int           y,
                   int           scrn,
                   int           width,
                   int           height,
                   byte*         src );

// Reads a linear block of pixels into the view buffer.
void V_GetBlock ( int           x,
                  int           y,
                  int           scrn,
                  int           width,
                  int           height,
                  byte*         dest );

// draw a pic_t, SCALED
void V_DrawScalePic_Num ( int           x1,
                      int           y1,
                      int           scrn,
                      int           lumpnum /*pic_t*        pic */);

// Heretic raw pic
void V_DrawRawScreen_Num(int x, int y, int lumpnum, int width, int height);

void V_MarkRect ( int           x,
                  int           y,
                  int           width,
                  int           height );

//added:05-02-98: fill a box with a single color
void V_DrawFill (int x, int y, int w, int h, int c);
//added:06-02-98: fill a box with a flat as a pattern
void V_DrawFlatFill (int x, int y, int w, int h, int flatnum);

//added:10-02-98: fade down the screen buffer before drawing the menu over
void V_DrawFadeScreen (void);

//added:20-03-98: test console
void V_DrawFadeConsBack (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);

//added:20-03-98: draw a single character
void V_DrawCharacter (int x, int y, int c);

//added:05-02-98: draw a string using the hu_font
void V_DrawString (int x, int y, int option, char* string);

// Find string width from hu_font chars
int V_StringWidth (char* string);

// Find string height from hu_font chars
int V_StringHeight (char* string);

// draw text with fontB (big font)
extern int FontBBaseLump;
void V_DrawTextB(char *text, int x, int y);
void V_DrawTextBGray(char *text, int x, int y);
int V_TextBWidth(char *text);
int V_TextBHeight(char *text);

void V_DrawTiltView (byte *viewbuffer);

//added:05-04-98: test persp. correction !!
void V_DrawPerspView (byte *viewbuffer, int aiming);

void VID_BlitLinearScreen (byte *srcptr, byte *destptr, int width,
                           int height, int srcrowbytes, int destrowbytes);