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Listen and Watch it later - LWLater (pronounced as LoveLater)

While browsing the web you always come across audio and video files which you want to watch or listen but you don’t want to get distracted at that point.

Code Licensing:

Lets code for GAE and make the code available to public through BSD license. User can use our hosted service at or can deploy for their own pvt usage. - [+1]

Language of the GAE code:

(Python or Java or Go :-P ?) Python

I have created a repository at - Accessible (Now its public)

If all of us are okay, then I can make this project public. We can also move this discussion to project wiki page.


  1. Its a scriptlet (A browser extension?) when user is on a certain webpage he can click this scriptlet in browser. It shows him the available audio and video files on that page.
  2. He can select one or more of them and mark them as LWLater
  3. If he is logged in it is remembered silently or it would ask him to login using Twitter/FB and chose a username
  4. Later he can go to the site and check the playlist and play all of them on the same page using

Twitter Specific Integration:

Scan for the widely used tags like #CLT #nowplaying and extract useful music data from the tweet and scan the web for correct/most relevant track (may be using APIs like Grooveshark) and provide a option to listen to that track or LWlater.

User can @LWLater from his/her ID retweeting original tweet and then come and check in the site.

Note: Checked the GrooveShark API, have got a widget player for either a single track or a playlist or even a random selection of tracks.


  1. Mobile app
  2. Grease monkey
  3. MediaRSS for other clients
  4. Download for offline watching etc
  5. Sharing playlists
  6. Public/Private playlist


  1. Domain : - Done
  2. App hosting : GAE - Easiest option

Minimal Viable Product Features

  1. User recognition/authorization
  2. API to add song data
  3. Recognize Audio/Video files in a webpage
  4. User page to see all those links (Can be browser extension, but better served as web page for browser compatibility)