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pic the logo and log path from the .yaml settings

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File markdoc.yaml

 # Metadata
 wiki-name: "MarkWiki"
+wiki-footer-logo: "/media/img/thejeshgn-name.png"
+wiki-footer-logo-url: ""
 google-analytics: "UA-XXXXXX-X"
 # Directories

File templates/markdoc-default/base.html

       <div id="footer">
         <table border="0">
-          <td><a href=""><img height="30px" src="{{ make_relative("/media/img/thejeshgn-name.png") }}"/></a></td>
+          <td>{% if 'wiki-footer-logo' in config %}  
+                 <a href="{{ config['wiki-footer-logo-url']|e }}"><img height="30px" src="{{  make_relative(config['wiki-footer-logo'])  }}"/></a>
+              {% endif %}
+         </td>
           <td width="90%"></td>
           <td><a href="{{ make_relative("/help/markup.html") }}"><img  height="30px" src="{{ make_relative("/media/img/markdown.png") }}"/></a></td>