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changed style of sponsor logos

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File 2012/website/css/style.css

 a.action:hover { background-color: #E6F5F4; }
 #venuemap .linktolarge { font-size: 0.9em; text-align: right; }
 #sponsors .sponsorlist { list-style-type: none; }
-#sponsors .sponsorlist li { display: inline; float: left; margin: 1em; }
+#sponsors .sponsorlist li { display: inline;  margin: 1em; }
 #scrolltop { position: fixed; bottom: 5px; right: 10px; display: block; }
 footer { text-align: right; font-size: 0.95em; padding: 10px 0; }

File 2012/website/index.html

       <a class="gototop" title="Go to top" href="#">top</a>
       <ul class="sponsorlist">
-        <li><a href=""><img src="./img/Googlelogo.png" alt="Google" width="240px"/></a></li>
-        <li><a href=""><img src="./img/iwf.gif" alt="India Water Portal" width="240px" /></a></li>
-        <li><a href=""><img src="./img/gramener-logo.png" alt="Gramener" width="240px" /></a></li> 
+        <li><a href=""><img src="./img/Googlelogo.png" alt="Google" width="250px"/></a></li>
+        <li><a href=""><img src="./img/iwf.gif" alt="India Water Portal" width="250px" /></a></li>
+      </ul>
+      <ul class="sponsorlist">
+        <li><a href=""><img src="./img/gramener-logo.png" alt="Gramener" width="250px" /></a></li> 
+        <li><a href="#"><img src="" alt="Sponsor"/></a></li>
     <section id="contact">