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        <p>Data is not just for technologists and researchers -- journalists, government workers, designers, and NGOs all use or want data in some way shape or form and in India the challenges around getting data and using it are unique and require a dedicated platform to work out solutions. </p>
        <p>This includes looking at how to make data open so that it’s potential to create more accountability and transparency to improve policies and implementation of projects across industry, citizen sector organizations, and governance. </p>
        <p>Data Camp will provide that platform for Indians to work out what are the problems around getting data and using it to further their projects and enhance the impact they want to make.</p>
+      <p> <li><a href="">Thejesh GN</a> -  i [at] thejeshgn [.] com</li>
+      <li>Nisha Thompson nisha [.] thompson [at] gmail [.] com</li></p>
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       <h1>Present DataCamp</h1>

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+<p>The Asia Analytics Lab, Indian School of Business in partnership with the DataMeet group is organizing a one day unconference that brings together technologists, students, entrepreneurs and corporates who use data. We intend to create a platform to foster the exchange of ideas, challenges, solutions, projects that using data in India presents. Post the tremendous success of the first event in Bangalore, the Asia Analytics group decided to co-host an event in Hyderabad to expand the community. </p>
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