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     <div class="mast">
       <a href="">
         <img id="logo" src="img/logo-mast.png" alt="Open DataCamp">
-        <h1>Open DataCamp - Hyd - Jun, 2012</h1>
+        <h1>Open DataCamp</h1>
+        <h2>Hyderabad - Jun 2012</h2>
       <p class="desc">One day unconference for people working with data from various sectors to come together and share their projects and ideas. </br><em>On June 23rd, 2012 in Hyderabad.</em></p>
     <section id="register">
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-      <p>Closed.</p>
+      <p><iframe id='ifrm' name='ifrm' src='' scrolling='auto' width='100%' height='300'>Oops!! Sorry you will have to <a href = ''>register here</a></iframe></p>
     <section id="sponsors">
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-    <p class="">Open DataCamp | Previous Events <a href="">DataMeet</a> </p>
+    <p class="">Open DataCamp | Hyderabad | Jun 23, 2012 <a href="">DataMeet</a> </p>
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