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             <td width="20%"><b>Cont: Public Problem Solving using Data: Lessons from the Daksh Survey.</b>
             <br>By Meera K and Rajesh Kasturirangan</td>
             <td width="20%"><b>From Data to Evidence: How Activists Use Data in their Campaigns</b> <br> By Maya Indira Ganesh, Tactical Technology Collective</td>
-            <td width="20%"><b>Quality of Gov Data</b><br>By Nisha Thompson</td>
+            <td width="20%"><b>Quality of Gov Data</b><br>By Amrtha Kasturi Rangan</td>
             <td width="20%"><b>Hacking ODK</b>
               <br>By Thejesh GN</td>
             <td width="20%">ShortTalk-3</td>
             <td> 2:00pm - 4:00pm </td>
-            <td width="25%">Long Workshop-1</td>
-            <td width="25%">Long Workshop-2</td>
-            <td width="25%">Long Workshop-3</td>
+            <td width="25%">Workshop-1</td>
+            <td width="25%">Workshop-2</td>
+            <td width="25%">Workshop-3</td>
             <td width="25%">Blocked for Hackathon</td>