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<title>Processing 101 - Introduction</title>
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			<h2>Processing 101 - Drawing</h2><h1>Rotation</h1>
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				<li>Rotation - rotates the co-ordinate system (grid or graph) to a given radian
                <li>Angle is generally measured in radiens and is measured at the top left point
                <br> <img src="./../img/rotated_grid.png" />
				<li>pushMatrix() is used to save the current co-ordinate system
				<li>popMatrix() is used to go back to the previous co-ordinate system
                <li>So how can we use it?
                <li>Move the coordinate system to the point where you want to rotate using Translation
                <li>Then rotate to the required angle
                <br><img src="./../img/degrees.png" />

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