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<title>Processing 101 - Introduction</title>
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			<h2>Processing 101 </h2><h1>Variable&nbsp;&nbsp;Scope</h1>
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			<li>All variables either have a global or local "scope".</li>
			<li>A variable inside a method can be used only inside that method. Its local scope.</li>
			<li>Variables may be localized within classes, methods, and loop statements.</li>
			<li>A variable declared outside the setup() or draw(), in the global section has global scope.</li>
			<li>A local variable will override the Global variable with the same name.</li>
int a = 20;  // global variable "a"
void setup() 
  size(200, 200);
void draw()
int b = 20;  // local variable "b"		

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