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Nice update (finally )I peylad the game once (maybe twice? I can't remember ) I thought it was great considering it did start as a school project but I would have to agree the art makes a big difference. It's pretty fun and engaging enough that if I wanted to get competitive I'd probably head butt the other person Some comments or ideas or rantings or whatever (note these are just for my style of gaming, they may please me but really turn off other people):I like the idea of changing the colours as you increase a level. Even maybe incrementing a coloured vortex as you throw more seekers at it. The more red seekers you flick at the red vortex it could maybe gently turn towards orange. Explode. And then be orange. Maybe when it explodes it should impair the other player by blotting out a part of their half of the screen (like mud men in L4D2). I'm very visual so colour changes affect me a lot as a gamer.I'm not sure I understand the tug of war bar (or maybe it wasn't implemented yet when I peylad the game last) but for players like me I would be at a serious disadvantage if you had to pay attention to that at any point of the game. I'm the kind of gamer that if it's not an RPG or RTS, I don't pay attention to detail. When I was a kid the Mario Kart make a U-Turn' sign was completely ignored! Perhaps part way through a level it could blink, flash, dance, whatever and you could pull it to your side for some kind of points. Either you pull before the other person and it moves an inch to your side or you both grab at the same time and (maybe a cut scene) tap' for that inch. I think that would break up the button mashing (or flicking in this case) concentration so they are forced to actually pay attention. Last thing, I would start thinking about the actual dialogue of the game. As in I would like it better if the game talked to me like when it was combo time (maybe a boxing bell ring) or tug of war time ( get over here' from mortal combat). I also don't remember any

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