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 def dummyDB():
 	return [{"user":"thej","password":"notsafe", "otp_seed":"KKK67SDNLXIOG65U"},{"user":"ram","password":"yeahokay", "otp_seed":""}]
+print """To test please access the following url and \n
+	scan the QR code into your Google Authenicator App.\n 
+	Now your 2f setup for as user thej is complete. \n
+	Use this for OTP while loginng in as thej.\n
+	This URL is only for the eyes of user thej.\n
+	This uses otp_seed which is generated when use was created and is unique to user.\n
+	URL = """+ pyg2fa.qrCodeURL("http://g2fa-example.com", "KKK67SDNLXIOG65U")+"\n\n\n"
 run(host='localhost', port=8080, debug=True)