pyg2fa / demo /

#never ever use this code in your production 
#This is meant to very simplistic example just to show the flow
#Encrypt before saving password and seed in DB 

from bottle import get, post, request
from bottle import route, run
from bottle import redirect
from bottle import response
import pyg2fa

def login_form():
    return '''<form method="POST" action="/login">
                name:<input name="name"     type="text" />
                password:<input name="password" type="password" />    
                <input type="submit" />         

def login_submit():
    name     = request.forms.get('name')
    password = request.forms.get('password')
    if check_login(name, password):
    	response.set_cookie("g2fa_account", name, secret='somesecretkey')
        return "<p>Login failed</p>"

def otp_form():
	name = request.get_cookie("g2fa_account", secret='somesecretkey')
	if name:
		return '''<form method="POST" action="/otp">
		otp:<input name="otp" type="otp" />
		<input type="submit" />               
def logout():
	name = request.get_cookie(("g2fa_account"), secret='somesecretkey')

def otp_form():
   otp     = request.forms.get('otp')
   name = request.get_cookie("g2fa_account", secret='somesecretkey')
   if check_otp(name, otp):
		return "Hello %s. Welcome back. <a href='/logout'>logout</a>" % name
		return "<p>Login Failed</p>"

def check_login(name, password):
	for a in dummyDB():
		if a['user']==name and a['password'] == password:
			return True
			return False

def check_otp(name, otp):
	for a in dummyDB():
		if a['user']==name:
	if pyg2fa.validate(USER_SECRET_INITIAL_OTP_SEED, int(otp), 4):
		return True
		return False

def dummyDB():
	return [{"user":"thej","password":"notsafe", "otp_seed":"KKK67SDNLXIOG65U"},{"user":"ram","password":"yeahokay", "otp_seed":""}]

run(host='localhost', port=8080, debug=True)
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